Let’s protect glaciers

As a manufacturer of enchanting frozen desserts, what a better TOP social mission than supporting glaciers protection!!!

We are proud to contribute to the success of Inspiring Girls Expeditions and Girls on Ice Canada glaciers exploration program, that organizes every summer unique and free scientific education expeditions in wild nature for high school girl students.

Girls on Ice Canada is a unique Canadian mountain experience that is packed full of dynamic glaciers, hardy alpine ecosystems, and beautiful landscapes. Accompanied by certified mountain guides, professional scientists, and artists, a team of ten girls explores the Illecillewaet and Asulkan glaciers in Glacier National Park in British Columbia. These glaciers provide a perfect environment for developing scientific observational skills, understanding relationships between organisms and their surroundings, reflecting on our own interactions with the mountains through art, building self-confidence in difficult terrain, and gaining life-long friendships. 

This marks a beginning in youngsters’ awareness to the importance of glaciers in our world, and the beginning of TOP Glaciers’ social involvement as well.

Questions about our involvement?